2015/1/18: Odyssey 2: K.C. Munchkin!, Demon Attack, Amok!

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Re: 2015/1/18: Odyssey 2: K.C. Munchkin!, Demon Attack, Amok!

Postby mbd36 » April 26th, 2019, 11:29 am

bigladiesman wrote:I've played K.C. Munckin 4 or 5 times using the O2EM emulator, and, people, it must be said: Ed Averett was a master programmer. This guy took the better of the Odyssey 2 limitations to make several masterpieces, and this is one of them. In fact - and taking into account that at the time there were way more blatant pac-clones out there - it's so good I also share the theory that the bigwigs at Atari tried to pull it off the shelves out of envy because of its almost menacing superiority over their Pac-Man.

The randomized mazes, the rotating center, the sprites moving at high speed without flicker, the level editor... Averett made a completely personal work out of a clone, and, at that time, this was a real achievement. He should be considered as one of the legends of the time along with David Crane, Alan Whitehead, Carol Shaw, Jeff Minter or Rob Fulop.

Yep. The KC Munchkin case is a good example of abuse of copyright law in order to stifle competition.

2600 Pac-Man is probably the worst Pac-Man port ever. You can't even blame the hardware because much better Pac-Man games were subsequently released. Atari blew it and then took out their frustrations on poor KC Munchkin.

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