Republic Commando (Xbox)

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Republic Commando (Xbox)

Postby Superjay » August 11th, 2006, 11:32 pm

I wasn't sure what to expect from this game. I love Star Wars games but no force powers hmmmmmm. Anyway when I started playing I was entrenched into the middle of the Clone Wars as one of the Republic's Elite soldiers. There is much fun to be had as you and your squadmates fights against the Seperatists Forces. The A.I. of your squad mates is excellent as they take cover when being fired upon and also have pretty efficient aiming. I also love being able to order your squad mates to sniper positions and also turrets. It's a feeling that's really different than most Star Wars games I play. The A.I. of the enemy is not as complex as those of your squad mates but it really doesn't hamper the game. What does hamper the game is the limited number of enemy types. The end is a bit of a cliff hanger which kind of left me wanting more. The online is just your basic Deathmatch, nothing special. Some people complain about the really precise aiming but I love it. If you like Star Wars you will like this game. If you don't like Star Wars I still think you will like this game. I'm praying that they make a sequel to this on the 360 because this is one of my favorite 1st person shooters on the Xbox.

I give Republic Commando a B+

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Republic Commando (Xbox)

Postby feilong801 » August 12th, 2006, 11:36 pm

Yeah, this is an enjoyable romp. Great idea with the intuitive squad commands. It's fun to set up your comrades while you go crazy blasting everyone else.


The deathmatch online is pretty horrid, however; really shows how a developer has to spend a significant amount of dev time working on that part of the game, as opposed to just throwing it together, as they did with Republic Commando.


A B, maybe a B- type grade for me.



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