Gears of war 4.

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Gears of war 4.

Postby BlasteroidAli » November 26th, 2016, 9:11 pm

I am a huge fan of Gears. When my life fell to pieces Gears 2 gave me a sense of purpose and a way to rebuild my confidence. For that I have always been supremely grateful. GOW Judgement tested that a bit.

I have not beaten the whole game but I am pleased to say that Gears of war 4 is great. It is more of the same in some ways but if it is not broken do not try to fix it. I was not expecting much after the travesty that was halo 5 (you have to play that one online to know what I am talking about).
In this one you get a main campaign with jaw dropping graphics. Two players can play co op. Also versus is back but I have not played that one yet.
Most of my time has been spent playing with the new horde mode. 2 had it for the first time and it was amazing. 3 brought in bosses after 10 waves. Gow J brought in team specializations but really messed around with the formula. So 4 has specialisation and the feel of three. You play the old maps from 3 but they have been tarted up.

So far A plus.

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