Overwatch (PS4)

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Overwatch (PS4)

Postby ActRaiser » November 29th, 2016, 11:53 pm

I picked it up last week and have been having fun with it. You get the option to pick your character between offense, defense, tank, and support characters. With over 20 characters it will take quite awhile to master each. Unlike normal multiplayer games there are no power weapons spread out on the map. Each character has his own set of weapons that are unique to him or her. Each character has various pros and cons along with an ultra powerful attack that slowly builds up over time that you can unleash to turn the tide to victory.

The other unique aspect to Overwatch compared to COD is that everyone starts off on equal footing. If you get beat, it's because, well, you suck. Go learn how to counter the heavies by using someone that can fly and rain rockets from above. Don't like the girl with the jet pack, snipe her from the sky. You need to experiment to figure out what each character is capable of. Oh, kills don't matter, performing the objective does. Sure, you can focus on getting kills but that may not ultimately help your team. Usually, the objective is either guarding something or attacking something that will slowly move through the level that changes things up.

I can play a couple of quick games in 15 minutes which fits my available time well. If it had a campaign I'd give it an A+, but solely based on multiplayer it's a B+ game, at least so far. Oh, it's also got a ton of maps. I rarely play a map more than once. I don't even know how many maps are included but it certainly feels like quite a bit. Blizzard put out a top notch game. The only things that could improve it are splitscreen and LAN, but I'm not holding my breath.

I did get the game when it went on sale for roughly half off. At that price I can't complain and have had fun every time I played it, even when I lose, I still have a great time doing it.

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