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Re: Got a Nintendo Switch!

Postby Rookie1 » April 27th, 2017, 6:28 am

VideoGameCritic wrote:The little Joy-con controllers come with these slim "sliders". I'm not sure what the purpose of these are. Maybe making them more comfortable to hold? I noticed they cover two of the buttons.

Take care while sliding these on - if you slide them on upside down they are hard to get off. You'd think they would be better designed to prevent something like that from happening.

Another complaint is the cartridge slot. It's kind of a pain getting the cartridges in and out. First there's a soft plastic tab covering it you need to bend back. Then you need to push in the cart to eject it - not so easy if you have big hands. I miss the days of the 2600 when it was so easy to pop the carts in and yank them out.

This thing, from what I have seen, is a total case of 100% engineer development without any assistance from a tech or tester. Another good example for this is the N-Gage. Remember how you used to have to remove the battery to put in a new game? These engineers had a bunch of stuff they had to make fit and have somewhat work, and thats what they did. So you end up with the stand covering the SD slot, sliders that seize up when inserted the wrong way, and games that arent easy to get in and out.

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