Challenge of Camelot (TI99)

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Challenge of Camelot (TI99)

Postby scotland » July 23rd, 2017, 1:37 pm

Challenge of Camelot on the TI99/4a

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This is one of those 'type it in yourself BASIC' games found in magazines in the early 1980s. This one is by Gary Garrett. Someone put up a partial play of the game on youtube years ago, and he actually responded in the comments.
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You are a knight in fabled Camelot. Your goal is to win a joust (against your opponent, Sir 99), which entitles you to battle the dragon (no - its a demon dragon - oh my). Despite just being a BASIC type-in game, its got a solid reputation in the TI99 community for how good it looks.

Here is a video of the entire playthrough where I become "Sir Scotland, Knight of the Table Round".

"Choose L M S" is not "large medium small" but "Lance Mace or Sword". It turns out that a knight with a mace always beats a knight with a lance, and a knight with a lance always beats a knight with a sword, and a knight with a sword always beats a knight with a mace. Hey, that just sounds like Rock Paper Scissors?! Yup. Its rock paper scissors done Ye Olde Skoole.

That's the game. You select Lance, Mace or Sword, and watch as the sprites surge very quickly by each other to see who won that round. In looking at the code, your opponent (knight or dragon) chooses their weapon [i]randomly[i], so you cannot use any Vizzini logic trying out to out think your opponent. Sometimes your shield gets singed, sometimes you knock the dragon back...eventually its Death or Glory for you!

If you are interested, the entire type-in code is in post #21 in this atariage thread (atariage has probably the best TI99 community on the internet that I've found).

- Sir Scotland, Knight of the Round (I sit right next to Sir Loin of Beef)

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Re: Challenge of Camelot (TI99)

Postby Retro STrife » August 4th, 2017, 1:40 pm

Pretty amazing background story on this one. Must be an amazing thing to write a little game 30+ years ago and see people still enjoying it all these years later--especially when you find out unexpectedly.

It's funny, I've had a TI99 with like 30 games for around 15 years now, and haven't ever hooked it up yet! Keep telling myself "someday". In the meantime, I check out the reviews you post here and see if there's any that I need to add to the TI collection.

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