Do you like buying remastered games?

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Do you like buying remastered games?

Postby bluenote » June 30th, 2022, 10:15 am

I think I may be in the minority here. I typically don't buy remastered games. Meaning, games that have basically received a graphical update, such as Ratchet and Clank collection for PS3, Zelda Wind Waker remaster for Wii U, Crash Bandicoot collection, etc.

I think the reason why is I still like to experience the original game (warts and all) on the original hardware. If I buy all my favourite games as remasters, then there is no reason to really play the originals. I still like to pull out the PS2 and play Ratchet and Clank as it was originally intended. If I buy the remaster, it's giving me less reason to bring out the PS2.

As well, when you update all these old games to current standards, they start to become all the same, meaning there is nothing unique about their graphics, etc as they originally were.

Anyone else feel the same? Am I the only one?

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Re: Do you like buying remastered games?

Postby Stalvern » June 30th, 2022, 1:46 pm

Don't have any use for them and can't stand how "remaster" has caught on for what's equivalent to remixing.

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Re: Do you like buying remastered games?

Postby matmico399 » June 30th, 2022, 7:46 pm

I have never bought one. I have no interest. Just feels like a waste of money to me.

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Re: Do you like buying remastered games?

Postby Shapur » June 30th, 2022, 10:00 pm

Sometimes I’ll buy them. Often just for the convenience of not hooking up an older system.

But not all remasters are equal. What about Resident Evil?
Sure I love the original PlayStation/Saturn version, and I hope gamers still experience it. I’m also quite pleased with the GameCube(and on…) version.

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Re: Do you like buying remastered games?

Postby Tron » July 2nd, 2022, 5:54 pm

I play very few games, but the ones I play I play a lot so if if one of my ol’ time faves got a remaster I’d be thrilled, but that’s pretty rare. One example of a remaster I was happy for was Tactics Ogre on the PSP, which was originally a PS1 game. Even still when it was all said and done the remaster messed up a crucial part of the original game which made me sad. Especially since the remaster was so awesome in every other way.

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Re: Do you like buying remastered games?

Postby Atariboy » July 2nd, 2022, 6:03 pm

I enjoy a quality remaster. Has helped many a 2000's era classic adapt to modern television technology.

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Re: Do you like buying remastered games?

Postby ThePixelatedGenocide » July 2nd, 2022, 7:58 pm

Depends on the remaster.

Powerslave Exhumed is even better than the Saturn original, and helped introduce a new generation to an overlooked classic that had never been properly ported elsewhere. You can tell it was made with a genuine love and understanding for the source material.

Meanwhile, Majora's Mask 3DS sped up the clock, gutted Link's swimming abilities, wrecked all the boss battles, and introduced a wasp's nest of new bugs. It's not a remaster, so much as a cautionary tale about unreasonable deadlines and holding the source material in contempt.

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Re: Do you like buying remastered games?

Postby VideoGameCritic » July 4th, 2022, 12:22 pm

This is a tough call. If it's just an HD remake, like Shadow of the Colossus, I'm tempted to say no.

However, if it's a huge upgrade over the original game, I'd say yes. Examples are Resident Evil for the GameCube, and House of the Dead for the Switch.

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Re: Do you like buying remastered games?

Postby Retro STrife » July 4th, 2022, 4:40 pm

I’m on the fence too. When I buy a remaster, it’s usually for the sake of convenience. Simple example.. I own Uncharted 2 on PS3, but I never got around to playing it. By the time I was ready, my PS4 was hooked up and it was just easier to buy the remaster on PS4 and play that. I bought the Alan Wake remaster on PS4 for the same reason (still need to play it), and several others for the same reason.

Since VGC mentioned it, Shadow of the Colossus is a rare exception where I bought both and beat both. Since it was an all-time favorite of mine, the remaster gave me an excuse to play it again.

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Re: Do you like buying remastered games?

Postby DaHeckIzDat » July 4th, 2022, 5:07 pm

It depends on the console it was originally on. When I got a PS4, I found out I couldn't stand the PS3's controller anymore. So if a PS3 game I really liked gets remastered for PS4, like Dark Souls or the Batman Arkham games, I'll buy it just to be able to play it with a controller I prefer.

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