Final Fantasy III (Japan) [Switch]

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Final Fantasy III (Japan) [Switch]

Postby Jonasbrother » February 25th, 2024, 4:50 pm

I’ve been playing FF3 on pixel remaster and I just wanted to say I think it’s in the running for my favorite RPG of all time. The balancing is so perfect, the pixel art is gorgeous, the music fantastic, the customization wonderful. Everything feels so tight and fun to play. Grinding isnt a chore because battles are entertaining. I usually don’t get into the story with games but FF3 has a twist at the end that made even me take notice. There’s even enough job classes and party decisions that I could see myself playing through it again at some point, and having a completely different run!!

If anyone has any memories to share of this truly Marvelous game, please do so, I want to know if anyone else here really liked this one.

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Re: Final Fantasy III (Japan) [Switch]

Postby JohanOberg » February 26th, 2024, 4:28 am

Bit of a forgotten FF. I played the NES(Famicom) version translated on emulator in the early 2000s and liked it a lot, all except for the cave of darkness before I learned I had to have magic knights, because those damn enemies would not stop duplicating.
I liked the plotline of the three disciples getting gifts from the big man and the one who got to be human didn't like it and became the villain.
I also remember how FF1, 2 and 4 were remade on Wonderswan but FF3 never got its turn for some reason. Then it got the DS remake, but still I bought the pixel remaster before any of the others.

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