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Little Big Planet (PS3)

Postby Andrew » April 27th, 2009, 9:37 pm

       Little Big Planet is a PS3 exclusive released in 2008. Seeing as the VGC hasn't reviewed this, I'll review it and see if he ends up reviewing it later. Any constructive criticism is appreciated

   LBP has a unique graphical style that features some bright, colorful and beautiful graphics.  The style goes for a cartoonish look while still keeping detail. The result is breathaking. The style, rendering, and frame-rates are all great. What amazed me was the detail on "Sackboy" (the customizable character you play as) who looks detailed no matter how you make him look. You can almost see every stitch in the character, and see every splotch of paint.
Sound: A
   LBP's mucic and sound effects are nothing short of amazing.  The music is fully orchestrated (with one or two vocal tracks) and the voice samples are funny and fit the theme. The voice samples do not have any spoken dialouge, and that's a good thing for this type of game. In stead, voice samples are random gargles and noises such as laughter. It works well. Animal sound effects are also utilized and work just as well. When you create a level, you can create your own music, and  this may be difficult, but soon players can create the themes to their favorite shows, games, and film franchises.
Gameplay A-
   The game-play is gave, aside from some slightly stiff jumping controls (though still smooth, you often will switch layers in a jump) and a massive lag when playing online multiplayer. This game has a story and a level editor, and both are truly great. The story mode has you trying to save the creations of little big planet, and the level editor makes you create your own level.
   The gameplay is side-scrolling, and has layers to jump in to (your depth in the screen) giving this game a "2.5D" style of game-play.  As I stated, you will often switch layers when jumping, but there are no major flaws in controls here. The levels in the story are well-designed, and are fun to play through, featuring memorable locations such as a suburban city, a china-esque area, and a temple remniscent of Aladin on the SNES. You have stickers (images) that can be used to solve puzzles and decorate your character. In short, the story is fun.
   Level editing is where this game really shines. Unlike other games with editors, LBP has you start from scratch and create anything, and believe me, anything is possible. You unlock items from the story and with them you can design your levels.
  In short, the game-play is also top-knotch.
Replay value (A+)
Instead of giving an overwhelmingly long campaign (the campaign is about 2.5-3 hours) the replay value comes from making your levels and playing online levels. You can create anything, and people online seem to be aware, and have created some incredible (and some horrible, depending on the user) levels. This game will be something you will play again and again.
Over all: A

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