2010/5/14: Atari 2600: Fireball, Flash Gordon, Pete Rose Baseball

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Re: 2010/5/14: Atari 2600: Fireball, Flash Gordon, Pete Rose Baseball

Postby scotland » September 10th, 2016, 9:03 pm

Jake wrote: Going back toFlash Gordon, the (D) grade seems a bit strict for a no flicker, good graphics, sound and substance type-of game. .... The worst aspect of Flash Gordon, wasn't quite mentioned, the fact the area or room to shoot at things is kinda small, and the ship has a limited space to navigate in general. That closes things in a bit too much... though I found it fun to try to escape or kill enimes, debris, etc. Shooting has a rewarding feeling and the difficully is very even and increases slightly wave after wave.So you get futher each time you play it...Would be interesting to hear others thoughts on Atari 2600 Flash Gordon, the game and if it's fun or not fun.. or if others agree with VGC's review or the final grade of D. I'll just ask, what you guys think of Flash Gordon??! or Spider City....

While I think Jake moved on to a job at State Farm, I kinda agree with his thoughts. I recently got a copy of Flash Gordon, and its not bad. Yes, it Spider City, but at least the ship colors of red and yellow are appropriate. I thought it was 20th Century Fox leveraging one of their distributed movies, but nope, its distributed by Universal. I did get a copy due to being a fan...if you don't approve you earn yourself a date with the bore worms.

Its not hard to figure out the wrap around bottom map. Spider City was a lousy name anyway for this game, and a space shooter has a Flash Gordon vibe even if its not related to the movie at all. I even tried to figure out if Flash ever tussled with spiders or spider people or something innthe serials or strips,,but found nothing. Still feels very retro gothic.

The shields pop on after I die for a few seconds of invulnerability, which seems reasonable. It pops up at other times after destroying the hatching pods,or whatever they are, but its a good thing. No flicker, good twitchy action. Some strategy on where to fly instead of just round and round. I kinda like it. Go Flash Go. Its better than the D grade, I warrant. The user reviews have it up to a B- as well.

Any Flash Gordon players out there? What do you think? You can even tell us in Brian Blessed All Caps.

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