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Every Batman game is unique but this one is just bizarre. The graphics are a pixelated mess and the animation is unsightly. The controls are so spastic you'll be hopping around like a flea just to reach the next platform. This game needs Ritalin....
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2020/4/6: Game Gear: Adventures of Batman and Robin, The

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Adventures of Batman and Robin, TheSega1995D-
Aerial AssaultSega1992B-
Aleste IISega1993A+
Ax BattlerSega1992D-
Batman ForeverAcclaim1995F-
Batman ReturnsSega1992A
Caesar's PalaceMajesco1994D
Deep Duck Trouble Starring Donald DuckSega1994B-
Desert SpeedtrapSega1993C
Dynamite HeaddySega1994B-
Ecco the DolphinSega1993D
Frank Thomas Big Hurt BaseballAcclaim1995C-
Fred Couples GolfSega1994B
G-Loc Air BattleSega1991D
Garfield: Caught in the ActSega1995C-
Joe Montana FootballSega1991C
Jungle Book, TheSega1993C+
Jurassic ParkSega1993A
Lion King, TheVirgin1994C-
Mortal KombatAcclaim1993B-
Mortal Kombat IIAcclaim1994A-
NBA JamAcclaim1993B-
NBA Jam Tournament EditionAcclaim1994B+
NFL Quarterback ClubAcclaim1994D
NHL All-Star HockeySega1995F
Outrun EuropaUS Gold1991F
PGA Tour GolfTengen1993D
PGA Tour Golf IIElectronic Arts1993B
Pengo (Japan)Sega1991C+
Primal RageAtari Games1994C
Quest for the Shaven Yak Starring Ren and StimpySega1993B+
RBI Baseball 94Tengen1993C+
Side PocketData East1994B
Sonic ChaosSega1993B+
Sonic Drift 2Sega1995C
Sonic the HedgehogSega1991C+
Sonic the Hedgehog 2Sega1992C-
Sonic the Hedgehog: Triple TroubleSega1994A
Sports Trivia Championship EditionSega1994B-
Star WarsLucasArts1993B-
Star Wars Return of the JediLucasArts1995A-
Streets of Rage 2Sega1993A
Super BattletankMajesco1994D-
Super Monaco GPSega1990D
Surf NinjasSega1993C+
The Lost World: Jurassic ParkSega1997B+
Vampire: Master of DarknessSega1993A-
Winter Olympic Games: Lillehammer '94U.S. Gold1993D+
World Series BaseballSega1993B+

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