3D Glasses


Works with 3D glasses such as those available for the Sega Master System.

Attack of the Movies 3DWiiMajesco2010F
Blade Eagle 3DSega Master SystemSega1988F
Contra: Legacy of WarPlaystationKonami1996D+
Jim Power: The Lost Dimension in 3DSuper NintendoElectrobrain1993D-
Line of Fire (Europe)Sega Master SystemSega1991B
Maze Hunter 3DSega Master SystemSega1988B
Missile Defense 3DSega Master SystemSega1987A
OutRun 3D (Europe)Sega Master SystemSega1988B+
Poseidon Wars 3DSega Master SystemSega1988C-
Space Harrier 3DSega Master SystemSega1988B
Zaxxon 3-DSega Master SystemSega1988C

Total: 11

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