CD Format


Comes on a CD. Notable for systems like Neo Geo which also support cartridges.

Addams Family, The (CD)Turbografx-16NEC1991B
Aero Fighters 2 (CD)Neo GeoSNK1994A-
Aero Fighters 3 (CD)Neo GeoSNK1995C-
Ants (CD)JaguarWave 1 Games2018F
Baldies (CD)JaguarAtari1995D-
Battlemorph (CD)JaguarAtari1995B
Blue Lightning (CD)JaguarAtari1995D+
Brain Dead 13 (CD)JaguarReadysoft1995D
Buster Bros (CD)Turbografx-16Hudson1993A-
Castlevania Dracula X: Rondo of Blood (CD) (Japan)Turbografx-16Konami1993A
Cotton: Fantastic Night Dreams (Japan) (CD)Turbografx-16Hudson Soft1993B-
Crossed Swords (CD)Neo GeoADK1991C+
Double Dragon (CD)Neo GeoTechnos1995C
Download 2 (Japan) (CD)Turbografx-16NEC1991B-
Dragon's Lair (CD)JaguarReadySoft1995B-
Dungeon Master: Theron's Quest (CD)Turbografx-16Victor Entertainment1993C-
Fast Food 64 (CD)JaguarWave 1 Games2017C
Fast Food 64: Holiday Snacks (CD)JaguarWave 12018C
Fighting Street (CD)Turbografx-16NEC1989D+
Final Zone IITurbografx-16Telenet1990D+
Forgotten Worlds (CD)Turbografx-16NEC1992B
Frog Feast (CD)JaguarSongbird2007D
Gate of Thunder (CD)Turbografx-16Hudson Soft1992A+
Godzilla (CD)Turbografx-16Hudson Soft1993B-
Gorf (CD)Jaguar3D Stooges Software2005A
Highlander (CD)JaguarAtari1994F-
Hover Strike (CD)JaguarAtari1995D+
Iron Soldier 2 (CD)JaguarTelegames1996B
It Came From The Desert (CD)Turbografx-16NEC1992C+
JagZombies (CD)JaguarWave 12018F
John Madden Duo CD FootballTurbografx-16Electronic Arts1993B
King of Fighters 94 (CD)Neo GeoSNK1994D
King of Fighters 95 (CD)Neo GeoSNK1995D-
King of Fighters 96 (CD)Neo GeoSNK1996D-
King of Fighters 97 (CD)Neo GeoSNK1997D-
King of Fighters 98 (CD)Neo GeoSNK1998D-
King of Fighters 99 (CD)Neo GeoSNK1999D-
Kobayashi Maru (CD)JaguarRGCD2013B-
Last AlertTurbografx-16NEC1990D+
Lords of Thunder (CD)Turbografx-16Hudson Soft1993A
Metal Slug 2 (CD)Neo GeoSNK1998A-
Monster Lair (CD)Turbografx-16Hudson Soft1989A-
Myst (CD)JaguarAtari1995D
Neo DriftOut (CD)Neo GeoVisco1996B-
Ninja Commando (CD)Neo GeoADK1992B-
Power Spikes II (CD)Neo GeoVideo System1994F
Primal Rage (CD)JaguarTime-Warner Interactive1994C+
Prince of Persia (CD)Turbografx-16Hudson Soft1992C
Pulstar (CD)Neo GeoAicom1995A-
Rally Chase (CD) (Japan)Neo GeoAlpha Denshi1991B-
Riot Zone (CD)Turbografx-16Hudson1993D+
Saucer Wars (CD)JaguarWave 12019D-
Seirei Senshi Spriggan (Japan)Turbografx-16Naxat Soft1991B
Space Ace (CD)JaguarReadySoft1995F
Splash Lake (CD)Turbografx-16NEC1992C
Street Hoop (CD)Neo GeoSNK1994A
TerraformingTurbografx-16Right Stuff1991C
Top Hunter (CD)Neo GeoSNK1994D
Treasure of the Caribbean (CD)Neo GeoNCI-Le Cortext2011B-
Valis III (CD)Turbografx-16Telenet1991D
Valis IV (Japan)Turbografx-16Telenet1991B-
Vid Grid (CD)JaguarAtari1995C-
Windjammers (CD)Neo GeoData East1994A
World Heroes Perfect (CD)Neo GeoADK1995F
World Tour Racing (CD)JaguarTelegames1996C+

Total: 66

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