Classic Compilation


A collection of older games in one package.

Activision AnthologyPlaystation 2Activision2002B
Activision Classics For the Atari 2600PlaystationActivision1998D
Amnesia Collection (Guest Review)Playstation 4Frictional Games2014B
Arcade Classic 4: Defender & JoustGame BoyNintendo1995B+
Arcade ClassicsPhilips CD-iNamco1996B-
Arcade Party PakPlaystationMidway1999B-
Arcade's Greatest Hits: Atari Collection 1PlaystationMidway1996A-
Arcade's Greatest Hits: Midway Collection 2PlaystationMidway1997B+
Arcade's Greatest Hits: The Atari Collection 2PlaystationMidway1998B
Arcade's Greatest Hits: WilliamsPlaystationWilliams1996A
Art of Fighting AnthologyPlaystation 2SNK2007B
Atari 50: The Anniversary CelebrationNintendo SwitchAtari Interactive2022A
Atari Anniversary EditionDreamcastInfogrames2001B-
Atari Anniversary Edition ReduxPlaystationInfogrames2001A
Atari Flashback ClassicsNintendo SwitchAtari2018C-
Atari Flashback Classics Vol. 1Playstation 4AtGames2016B
Atari Flashback Classics Vol. 2Playstation 4AtGames2016B
Atari Flashback Classics Vol. 3Playstation 4Atari2018C
Atari Greatest Hits Volume 1Nintendo DSAtari Interactive2010B
Atari Greatest Hits Volume 2Nintendo DSAtari Interactive2010B
Capcom Belt Action CollectionNintendo SwitchCapcom2018B-
Capcom Classics Collection Vol 1Playstation 2Capcom2005A-
Capcom Classics Collection Vol 2Playstation 2Capcom2006A
Capcom Classics Collection Vol. 1XboxCapcom2005A-
Capcom Classics Collection Vol. 2XboxCapcom2005A
Capcom Classics RemixedPSPCapcom2006A
Capcom Digital CollectionXbox 360Capcom2012B+
Castlevania: Anniversary CollectionNintendo SwitchKonami2021B-
Classic Games from the IntellivisionPlaystationActivision1999F
Data East Arcade 1EvercadeEvercade2022A
Data East Arcade ClassicsWiiMajesco2010B+
Deathsmiles I & IINintendo SwitchStrictly Limited2022B
Disney Classic Games: Aladdin and The Lion KingNintendo SwitchDisney Interactive2019C+
Dragon's Lair TrilogyNintendo SwitchDigital Leisure2019B
Fatal Fury Battle Archives Volume 1Playstation 2SNK2007B
Fatal Fury Battle Archives Volume 2Playstation 2SNK Playmore2008C+
Game & Watch GalleryGame BoyNintendo1997F
Gradius CollectionPSPKonami2006A-
Gunblade NY & L.A. Machineguns Arcade Hits PackWiiSega2010C-
House of the Dead 2 and 3 ReturnWiiSega2008A
Intellivision LivesNintendo DSVirtual Play2009B
Intellivision LivesPlaystation 2Crave2003D
Interplay Collection 1EvercadeEvercade2020C-
King of Fighters Collection: The Orochi SagaWiiSNK2008A
King of Fighters: The Orochi SagaPlaystation 2SNK2008A
Kirby's Dream Collection Special EditionWiiNintendo2012C+
Konami Arcade ClassicsPlaystationKonami1999A
Konami Classics Volume 1Xbox 360Konami2010B-
Konami Classics Volume 2Xbox 360Konami2010C-
Mad Dog McCree Gunslinger PackWiiMajesco2009F
Mega Man Anniversary CollectionPlaystation 2Capcom2004B-
Mega Man Anniversary CollectionXboxCapcom2004C
Mega Man X CollectionGameCubeCapcom2006B-
Mega Man X CollectionPlaystation 2Capcom2006B-
Metal Slug AnthologyPlaystation 2SNK2007A
Midway Arcade OriginsXbox 360Warner Bros.2012B+
Midway Arcade TreasuresPlaystation 2Midway2003A-
Midway Arcade Treasures 2Playstation 2Midway2004C+
Midway Arcade Treasures 3Playstation 2Midway2005B
Midway Presents Arcade Hits: Moon Patrol / Spy HunterGame Boy ColorMidway1999C
Namco MuseumDreamcastNamco2000C
Namco MuseumPlaystation 2Namco2001B
Namco Museum 50th AnniversaryPlaystation 2Namco2005B
Namco Museum 64Nintendo 64Namco2000C
Namco Museum Virtual ArcadeXbox 360Namco2008B
Namco Museum Vol. 1PlaystationNamco1995B+
Namco Museum Vol. 2PlaystationNamco1996B
Namco Museum Vol. 3PlaystationNamco1996B+
Namco Museum Vol. 4PlaystationNamco1996C
Namco Museum Vol. 5PlaystationNamco1997C
Pac-Man & Galaga DimensionsNintendo 3DSNamco2011B-
Pac-Man CollectionAtari 7800Bob DeCrescenzo2006A
Parodius Portable Collection (Japan)PSPKonami2008B
Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Trilogy (Guest Review)Playstation 4Capcom2019B
Piko Collection 1EvercadeBlaze2022C
Piko Interactive Arcade 1EvercadePiko2023A-
Psikyo Shooting Stars AlphaNintendo SwitchNIS America2020A-
Psikyo Shooting Stars BravoNintendo SwitchNIS America2020A-
Retro Game ChallengeNintendo DSXSeed2008B
SNK 40th Anniversary CollectionNintendo SwitchSNK2018A-
SNK 40th Anniversary CollectionPlaystation 4NIS2018A-
SNK Arcade Classics 0 (Japan)PSPSNK Playmore2011C
SNK Arcade Classics Volume 1Playstation 2SNK Playmore2008B+
SNK Arcade Classics Volume 1WiiSNK2009A-
Samurai Shodown AnthologyPlaystation 2SNK2009B+
Samurai Shodown AnthologyWiiSNK2007B
Sega 3D Classics CollectionNintendo 3DSSega2016A
Sega AgesSaturnSega1997A-
Sega Arcade GalleryGame Boy AdvanceTHQ2003A-
Sega Classics CollectionPlaystation 2Sega2005B-
Sega Genesis CollectionPlaystation 2Sega2006A
Sega Smash Pack Volume 1DreamcastSega2001C-
Sonic Gems CollectionGameCubeSega2005B-
Sonic JamSaturnSega1997A-
Sonic Mega CollectionGameCubeSega2002A-
Sonic Mega Collection PlusPlaystation 2Sega2004C
Sonic's Ultimate Genesis CollectionXbox 360Sega2008A
Street Fighter Alpha AnthologyPlaystation 2Capcom2006A-
Street Fighter Anniversary CollectionPlaystation 2Capcom2004B+
Street Fighter CollectionPlaystationCapcom1997A
Street Fighter Collection 2PlaystationCapcom1998A
Super Mario All-StarsSuper NintendoNintendo1993A
Super Mario All-Stars Limited EditionWiiNintendo2011B+
Taito LegendsPlaystation 2Sega2005A
Taito Legends 2Playstation 2Taito2006B+
Tecmo Classic ArcadeXboxTecmo2005C+
Tecnos Arcade 1EvercadeBlaze2022D-
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: The Cowabunga CollectionNintendo SwitchKonami2022B+
Williams Arcade ClassicsTiger Game.comTiger1997B
World Heroes AnthologyPlaystation 2SNK2008A-
Zombies Ate My Neighbors and Ghoul PatrolNintendo SwitchLucasFilm2021B

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