Supports three or more players


Try this game when you have some friends over.

007: The World Is Not EnoughNintendo 64Electronic Arts2000B
1080 Degree AvalancheGameCubeNintendo2003B+
2006 FIFA World CupXbox 360Electronic Arts2006D
AC/DC Live: Rock Band Track PackXbox 360Harmonix2008C-
ATP Tour Championship TennisGenesisSega1994C-
ATV Offroad FuryPlaystation 2Sony2001B
ATV Offroad Fury 2Playstation 2Sony2002B
ATV Offroad Fury 3Playstation 2Sony2004B
ATV Offroad Fury 4Playstation 2Sony2006A-
Arctic ThunderXboxMidway2002C+
Atari Flashback Classics Vol. 1Playstation 4AtGames2016B
Barkley: Shut Up and JamJaguarAccolade1993D-
Beach SpikersGameCubeSega2002B
Big Bumpin'Xbox 360King Games2006C-
Bomberman 64Nintendo 64Hudson Soft1997F
Bomberman OnlineDreamcastSega2001B
Boom BloxWiiElectronic Arts2008A-
Cabela's Adventure CampPlaystation 3Activision2011D-
California GamesGenesisSega1991D-
California Games IISuper NintendoDTMC1992F
Call of Duty: Advanced WarfareXbox OneActivision2014A-
Call of Duty: Black Ops 2Xbox 360Activision2012B+
Call of Duty: Black Ops IIIPlaystation 4Activision2015B
Carnival GamesWiiGS Software2007B
Castle CrisisAtari XEGSBryan Edewaard2003A
CheckmateBally AstrocadeBally1977D
Club Penguin Game DayWiiDisney2010D
Crash 'N' the Boys: Street ChallengeNESTechnos1992C+
Crash BashPlaystationSony2000C+
Crash Team RacingPlaystationNaughty Dog1999A
Danny Sullivan's Indy HeatNESTradewest1992A
Dark Souls 2Playstation 3Bandai Namco2014B
Dark Souls 2: Scholar of the First SinPlaystation 4Bandai Namco2015C+
Davis Cup TennisTurbografx-16NEC1991D
DecathlonAtari 2600Activision1983B-
DecathlonAtari 5200Activision1983C+
Destruction Derby 64Nintendo 64THQ1999B+
FIFA International Soccer3DOElectronic Arts1995A
FIFA International SoccerGenesisElectronic Arts1993B
FIFA Soccer 95GenesisElectronic Arts1994B+
FIFA Soccer 96GenesisElectronic Arts1995B-
Fortune StreetWiiSquare Enix2012A-
Fuzion FrenzyXboxMicrosoft2001F
Gauntlet LegendsDreamcastMidway2000A-
General ChaosGenesisElectronic Arts1993B
Go VacationWiiBandai2011C+
Goldeneye 007Nintendo 64Nintendo1997C+
Grand PrixBally AstrocadeBally1981C-
Guitar Hero 5Xbox 360Activision2009B+
Halo 3: ODSTXbox 360Microsoft2009C
Halo ReachXbox 360Microsoft2010A
Hit the IceTurbografx-16Taito1992D+
Horse RacingIntellivisionMattel1979B
Hunter The ReckoningXboxInterplay2002C-
Hydro Thunder HurricaneXbox 360Microsoft2010A
International Superstar SoccerNintendo 64Konami1997C
International Track & Field 2000Nintendo 64Konami2000B
International Track and FieldPlaystationKonami1996A-
Kings of the BeachNESUltra1988A
Letter Match/Spell 'N Score/CrosswordsBally AstrocadeBally1977C
London 2012Xbox 360Sega2012B+
Looney Tunes Space RaceDreamcastInfogrames2000B+
Mario & Sonic at the Rio 2016 Olympic GamesWii UNintendo2016C
Mario & Sonic at the Sochi 2014 Olympic Winter GamesWii UNintendo2013D+
Mario Kart 8Wii UNintendo2014A-
Mario Kart 8 DeluxeNintendo SwitchNintendo2017A
Mario PartyNintendo 64Nintendo1998A-
Mario Party 10Wii UNintendo2015C-
Mario Party 7GameCubeNintendo2005D+
Mario Party 8WiiNintendo2007B
Mario Sports MixWiiNintendo2011D-
Mario Strikers ChargedWiiNintendo2007A
Mario Tennis AcesNintendo SwitchNintendo2018D-
Mario Tennis: Ultra SmashWii UNintendo2015D
Mario and Sonic at the London 2012 Olympic GamesWiiSega2011D
Mario and Sonic at the Olympic GamesWiiSega2007B-
Mario and Sonic at the Olympic Winter GamesWiiSega2009B-
Medieval MayhemAtari 2600AtariAge2007A+
Mickey's Speedway USANintendo 64Rare2000B
Micro Machines V4Playstation 2Codemasters2006D-
Micro Machines: World SeriesPlaystation 4Codemasters2017D-
Midway Arcade OriginsXbox 360Warner Bros.2012B+
Modnation RacersPlaystation 3Sony2010D
Moto RoaderTurbografx-16NEC1989F
MotorStorm Pacific RiftPlaystation 3Sony2008A
NBA JamWiiElectronic Arts2010A-
NBA Jam Tournament EditionJaguarAtari1995A-
NBA Jam Tournament EditionSuper NintendoAcclaim1994A
NBA Live 95GenesisElectronic Arts1994A
NBA Live 96GenesisElectronic Arts1995B-
NBA Live 97GenesisElectronic Arts1996B
NBA Showdown '94GenesisElectronic Arts1993C
Nagano Winter Olympics 98PlaystationKonami1998C
Nintendo LandWii UNintendo2012C
Olympic Summer GamesGenesisSega1996B-
One Piece: Pirate's CarnivalGameCubeNamco Bandai2006D-
Ooga BoogaDreamcastSega2001B-
Otomedius ExcellentXbox 360Konami2011C+
Pac-Man World RallyGameCubeNamco2006C-
Party MixAtari 2600Starpath1983A
Perfect DarkNintendo 64Nintendo2000B
Playstation All-Stars Battle RoyalePlaystation 3Sony2012C
Polaris SnoCrossNintendo 64Vatical2000C-
Polaris SnoCrossPlaystationVatical2000C
Poy PoyPlaystationKonami1997A
Price Is Right Decades, TheXbox 360Ubisoft2011F
Puyo Puyo TetrisNintendo SwitchSega2017B
Rally CrossPlaystationSony1996B
Rayman OriginsXbox 360Ubisoft2011A
Rock Band 2Xbox 360Harmonix2008B+
Rock Band Track Pack Volume 2Xbox 360Harmonix2008C+
Rocket LeaguePlaystation 4Psyonix2016A
Rubik's WorldWiiGame Factory2008C
Rush Rush Rally Racing DXDreamcastRedspot Games2010B+
Rush Rush Rally ReloadedDreamcastSenile Team2016B+
Salt Lake 2002Playstation 2Eidos2002D
San Francisco Rush 2049DreamcastMidway2000C
Scene ItXbox 360Warner Interactive2007D-
Scene It Bright Lights Big ScreenXbox 360Warner Interactive2009D
Shaun White Snowboarding: World StageWiiUbisoft2009A-
Ski or DieNESUltra1990B-
Sled StormPlaystationElectronic Arts1999B+
Snowboard KidsNintendo 64Atlus1997C+
Snowboard Kids 2Nintendo 64Atlus1999D+
Sonic & Sega All-Stars Racing with Banjo KazooieXbox 360Sega2010A-
Sonic ShuffleDreamcastSega2000D
Sonic Spike VolleyballTurbografx-16IGS1990F
Sports JamDreamcastSega2001B-
SteeplechaseAtari 2600Sears1980C+
Striker Pro 2000DreamcastInfogrames2000C
Summer ChallengeGenesisAccolade1993D+
Summer GamesAtari 2600Epyx1987B+
Summer GamesAtari XEGSEpyx1984B
Super BombermanSuper NintendoHudson Soft1993A
Super Bomberman 2Super NintendoNintendo1994A-
Super Bomberman RNintendo SwitchKonami2017D
Super Mario 3D WorldWii UNintendo2013A
Super Mario PartyNintendo SwitchNintendo2018C
Super Monkey BallGameCubeSega2001B+
Super Monkey Ball 2GameCubeSega2003B-
Super Monkey Ball: Banana BlitzWiiSega2006F
Super Monkey Ball: Step and RollWiiSega2010D
Super Off RoadNESTradewest1990B+
Super Smash Bros.Nintendo 64Nintendo1999C
Super Smash Bros. BrawlWiiNintendo2008B+
Super Smash Bros. MeleeGameCubeNintendo2001B
Super Smash Bros. for Wii UWii UNintendo2014B-
Super Spike V BallNESTechnos1989B
Tennis 2K2DreamcastSega2001A
The Simpsons Arcade GameXbox 360Konami1991C
Timesplitters: Future PerfectGameCubeElectronic Arts2005B+
Torino 2006Playstation 22K Sports2005B
Twisted MetalPlaystation 3Sony2012A+
Twisted The Game Show3DOElectronic Arts1993F
Ultimate BandWiiDisney2008B+
Vancouver 2010Playstation 3Sega2010C
Video OlympicsAtari 2600Atari1977C
Virtua AthleteDreamcastSega1999C+
Virtua TennisDreamcastSega2000A+
WarBally AstrocadeRiff Raff Games2012A
WarlordsAtari 2600Atari1981A
Wayne Gretzky's 3D Hockey 98Nintendo 64Midway1997B-
We Wish You a Merry ChristmasWiiDestineer2009D
Wii MusicWiiNintendo2008F
Wii SportsWiiNintendo2006A-
Wii Sports ClubWii UNintendo2013B-
Wii Sports ResortWiiNintendo2009A
Wimbledon Championship TennisGenesisSega1993B+
Winter ChallengeAtari XEGSTynesoft1988C+
Winter GamesAtari 2600Epyx1987A
Winter GamesCommodore 64Epyx1985C-
Winter HeatSaturnSega1997A
Winter Sports 2008Playstation 2RTL2007B+
World Court TennisTurbografx-16NEC1991B+
World GamesNESEpyx1986B-
World Soccer Winning Eleven 6 InternationalPlaystation 2Konami2003C
World Soccer Winning Eleven 8 InternationalPlaystation 2Konami2005B-
World Sports CompetitionTurbografx-16Hudson Soft1993D
Worms ArmageddonDreamcastMicroprose1999B-
Worms World PartyDreamcastTitus2001B+
X-Men LegendsXboxActivision2004C-
X-Men The Arcade GameXbox 360Konami1992C-

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