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Alien IsolationPlaystation 4Sega2014B+
Amnesia Collection, The (Guest Review)Playstation 4Frictional Games2014B
BMX XXXXboxAcclaim2002F-
Batman: Arkham KnightPlaystation 4Warner Bros.2015C+
BayonettaXbox 360Sega2010B
Bayonetta 2Wii USega2014A-
Beat Down: Fists of VengeancePlaystation 2Capcom2005D
Bioshock 2Xbox 3602K Games2010A
Blair WitchPlaystation 4Bloober Team2020C
Blitz: The LeaguePlaystation 2Midway2005C-
Call of Duty: Advanced WarfareXbox OneActivision2014A-
Call of Duty: Black Ops IIIPlaystation 4Activision2015B
Call of Duty: Infinite WarfarePlaystation 4Activision2016C+
Carmageddon: Max DamagePlaystation 4Stainless Games2016F
CatherineXbox 360Atlus2011D
Conker's Bad Fur DayNintendo 64Nintendo2001C
Contra: Rogue CorpsPlaystation 4Konami2019F
DMC: Devil May CryXbox 360Capcom2013B+
Daedalus Encounter, The3DOVirgin1995C-
Darkness II, TheXbox 3602K Games2012B
Darkness, ThePlaystation 32K Games2007B-
Darkness, TheXbox 3602K Games2007B
Dead Head FredPSPD3Publisher2007D
Dead Rising 3Xbox OneCapcom2013B
Dead Rising 4Xbox OneCapcom2016B-
Dead Space: ExtractionWiiElectronic Arts2009A
Dead or Alive 6Playstation 4Koei Tecmo2019C+
DeadpoolPlaystation 4Activision2015C+
DoomXbox OneZeniMax Media2016B+
Download (Japan)Turbografx-16NEC1990A
Drakengard 3Playstation 3Square Enix2014F
Expendables 2Xbox 360Ubisoft2012F
Far Cry 3Xbox 360Ubisoft2013C
Far Cry InstinctsXboxUbisoft2005B+
Far Cry Instincts PredatorXbox 360Ubisoft2006B
Final Fight StreetwiseXboxCapcom2006F
Fist of the North Star: Ken's RageXbox 360Te mco Koei2010D+
Fist of the North Star: Ken's Rage 2Xbox 360Tecmo Koei2013C+
Friday the 13th: The GamePlaystation 4Gun Media2017D-
Gears of War 4Xbox OneMicrosoft2016C+
God HandPlaystation 2Capcom2006C
God of WarPlaystation 4Sony2018C+
Grand Theft AutoPlaystationRockstar2001F
Grand Theft Auto 2DreamcastSega2000C-
Grand Theft Auto IIIPlaystation 2Rockstar2001B+
Grand Theft Auto IVPlaystation 3Rockstar2008A
Grand Theft Auto IVXbox 360Rockstar2008A-
Grand Theft Auto VXbox 360Rockstar2013B
Grand Theft Auto: San AndreasPlaystation 2Rockstar Games2004B-
Grand Theft Auto: Vice CityPlaystation 2Rockstar2002A-
Guilty Gear Xrd SignPlaystation 4Aksys2014C
Hell: A Cyberpunk Thriller3DOTake 2 Interactive1994D+
House of the Dead Overkill, TheWiiSega2009C
House of the Dead Overkill: Extended CutPlaystation 3Sega2012D
Injustice 2Playstation 4Warner Bros.2017B
Just Cause 3Xbox OneSquare Enix2015C
Killzone: MercenaryPlaystation VitaSony2011C+
L.A. RushPlaystation 2Midway2005D-
Late ShiftPlaystation 4Wales Interactive2017C
Life is Strange: Before the StormPlaystation 4Square Enix2017C-
Life is Strange: Complete SeasonPlaystation 4Square Enix2015C
Lollipop ChainsawXbox 360Warner Bros.2012B
Mafia IIXbox 3602K Games2010B
Manhunt 2Playstation 2Rockstar2007C+
Mortal KombatXbox 360Warner Bros.2011A
Mortal Kombat XPlaystation 4Warner Bros.2015A
Mutant Football LeagueNintendo SwitchDigital Dreams2018F
Nier (Guest Review)Playstation 3Square Enix2010A-
No More HeroesWiiUbisoft2008B+
No More Heroes 2WiiUbisoft2010C+
Outlast (Guest Review)Playstation 4Red Barrels2014A-
Quantum BreakXbox OneMicrosoft2016B-
Rambo: The Video GamePlaystation 3Reef Entertainment2014D
Red Dead Redemption IIXbox OneRockstar2018B+
Resident Evil 7: BiohazardPlaystation 4Capcom2017C+
Resident Evil: Revelations 2Xbox OneCapcom2015B
Ride to Hell: RetributionPlaystation 3Deep Silver2013D
Rise of NightmaresXbox 360Sega2011B+
Rise of the Tomb RaiderXbox OneSquare Enix2015A-
Risen 2: Dark WatersXbox 360Deep Silver2012D-
Shadow of the Tomb RaiderXbox OneSquare Enix2018B-
Shaq-Fu: A Legend RebornPlaystation 4Mad Dog Games2018C
SplatterhouseXbox 360Namco Bandai2010D-
Steel Battalion: Heavy ArmorXbox 360Capcom2012F-
Sunset OverdriveXbox OneMicrosoft2014C
Swashbucklers: Blue Vs. GreyPlaystation 2Atari2007B-
Terminator: ResistancePlaystation 4Reef Entertainment2019D
The Evil WithinXbox 360Bethesda Softworks2014D
The Last of UsPlaystation 3Sony2013A
The SufferingXboxMidway2004B+
The Suffering: Ties That BindXboxMidway2005B
The ThingXboxKonami2002C
The WarriorsXboxRockstar2005C-
The Witcher 3: Wild HuntXbox OneCD Projekt2015C
Tomb RaiderXbox 360Square Enix2013A+
Uncharted 4: A Thief's EndPlaystation 4Sony2016A
Until DawnPlaystation 4Sony2015A-
Urban ChaosDreamcastEidos2000D+
VoyeurPhilips CD-iPhilips1993B
Wolfenstein: The New OrderPlaystation 4Bethesda2014C
Zombieland: Double-Tap RoadtripPlaystation 4Gamemill Entertainment2019D

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