Two CDs


This game comes on two CDs.

Alone In The Dark: The New NightmareDreamcastInfogrames2001D
Bayonetta 2Wii USega2014A-
Brain Dead 13PlaystationReadysoft1995F-
Colony WarsPlaystationPsygnosis1997D+
Corpse Killer (CD)Sega 32XDigital Pictures1994F
Daedalus Encounter3DOVirgin1995C-
Dead Space 3Xbox 360Electronic Arts2013B-
Double SwitchSaturnSega1993C+
Dracula: The ResurrectionPlaystationDreamcatcher2001D+
Fahrenheit (CD)Sega 32XSega1995D-
Gran Turismo 2PlaystationSony1999A
Grandia II (Guest Review)DreamcastUbisoft2002A
Ground Zero TexasSega CDSega1993C-
Halo 4Xbox 360Microsoft2012B
Metal Gear SolidPlaystationKonami1998A+
Night Trap3DODigital Pictures1993A-
Night TrapSega CDSega1992B+
Night Trap (CD)Sega 32XDigital Pictures1994A-
OddWorld: Abe's ExoddusPlaystationOddWorld Inhabitants1998B-
Prize FighterSega CDSega1993F-
Red Dead Redemption IIXbox OneRockstar2018B+
Resident EvilGameCubeCapcom2002A-
Resident Evil 2PlaystationCapcom1998A
Resident Evil 4GameCubeCapcom2005A+
Resident Evil Director's CutPlaystationCapcom1997A
Ridge Racer Type 4PlaystationNamco1999A
Rival SchoolsPlaystationCapcom1998B+
Rodea the Sky SoldierWii UNIS America2015F
Shock Wave 2: Beyond the Gate3DOElectronic Arts1995C
Skies of ArcadiaDreamcastSega2000A
Star Wars: Rebel Assault IIPlaystationLucasArts1995C-
Super Dimension Fortress Macross, The (Japan)SaturnBig West1997D-
Supreme WarriorSega CDDigital Pictures1994F
Supreme Warrior (CD)Sega 32XDigital Pictures1994F
Thunder in ParadisePhilips CD-iPhilips1995B
Tobal No.1PlaystationSquaresoft1996A

Total: 38

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