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I've been fascinated by "roguelike" adventures for some time. In theory, these games never play the same twice due to their randomization. In reality however the variations are often too slight for you to notice the difference. Slay the Spire...
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2022/5/27: Playstation 4: Slay the Spire (Guest Review)

If this truly is the "final 3DS cartridge", it's one hell of a way to go out. The original Andro Dunos (Neo Geo, 1992) was a decent but unspectacular side-scroller shooter with solid two-player co-op. This sequel may lack the co-op but doesn't...
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2022/5/24: Nintendo 3DS: Andro Dunos II

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2022/5/21: NES: Thunderbirds, Little Mermaid, The

Andro Dunos... that is a name I have not heard in a long time. Then, suddenly from out of nowhere, I hear Andro Dunos II was being released across a variety of modern systems! To properly review the sequel I knew I had to first...
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2022/5/18: Neo Geo: Andro Dunos

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2022/5/15: Atari 2600: Tron Deadly Discs, Venture, Sinistar

Just when I thought I had reviewed every last Jurassic Park console title I discovered this awesome Sega Master System game. It actually bears a striking resemblance to the portable Jurassic Park (Game Gear, 1993), which I gave a rave...
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2022/5/14: Sega Master System: Jurassic Park

I've collected every entry in this series which dates all the way back to King of Fighters 94 (Neo Geo, 1994). I haven't been thrilled with its increasing focus on online play but I get it - that's where the money is. At least King of Fighters XV...
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2022/5/11: Playstation 4: King of Fighters XV

This is a guilty pleasure if there ever was one. Thunder in Paradise was a straight-to-video-film-trilogy-turned-short-lived-TV-series. If you blinked in 1994 you may have missed it. Thunder was created at a time when Hulk Hogan was trying to...
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2022/5/8: Philips CD-i: Thunder in Paradise

2022/5/6: Colecovision: Gorf, Rip Cord

2022/5/4: Xbox 360: King of Fighters XIII

2022/5/1: NES: Duck Hunt, Hogan's Alley, Gumshoe

2022/4/27: Sega Dreamcast: Virtua Fighter 3tb

2022/4/25: Playstation 4: Terminator: Resistance

2022/4/21: Atari XEGS: Popeye, Bug Hunt

2022/4/19: Xbox One: Big Buck Hunter Arcade

2022/4/17: Sega Saturn: Mortal Kombat II, Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3

2022/4/14: Super Nintendo: Wayne Gretzky and the NHLPA All-Stars

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