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2022/7/4: Sega Genesis: Two Crude Dudes, Weaponlord

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2022/7/2: Super Nintendo: An American Tail: Fievel Goes West, Weaponlord

It's easy to write this one off as a generic, third-party kart title. Then you realize it was published by Sony in 2000, pushed back a year to avoid competing with Crash Team Racing (Naughty Dog, 1999). Speed Punks is a high-quality racer...
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2022/6/29: Playstation: Speed Punks

What the [expletive] happened to Konami? Once the premiere publisher of quality arcade shooters, they're now pushing shovelware bull-[expletive]. Rogue Corps makes a mockery of the original Contra (NES, 1986), one of the greatest video...
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2022/6/26: Playstation 4: Contra: Rogue Corps

After my harsh critique of the first JagZombies (Wave 1, 2018) I was shocked to see a sequel - on a cartridge no less! Wave 1 Games literally upped their game, packaging JagZombies 2 in a glossy box with an overlay and high-quality stock...
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2022/6/23: Atari Jaguar: JagZombies 2

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2022/6/20: 3DO: Crash 'N Burn, Last Bounty Hunter, The

The reggae music that plays over Buck Bumble's title screen is so damn catchy it's practically worth a letter grade. Too bad it doesn't play during the actual game. Buck Bumble is a third-person shooter that comes across as a kid version of Star...
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2022/6/18: Nintendo 64: Buck Bumble

In case you haven't noticed I have a penchant for 2D beat-em-ups. I buy them on sight, yet few manage to live up to the butt-kicking fury of Final Fight (SNES, 1991) or Streets of Rage (Genesis, 1991). Undercover Cops is worthy. Originally...
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2022/6/15: Super Nintendo: Undercover Cops

2022/6/11: Sega Genesis: Tony LaRussa Baseball, Pete Sampras Tennis

2022/6/9: Commodore 64: Archon

2022/6/5: Playstation 4: Jurassic World: Evolution

2022/6/3: Nintendo Switch: Okinawa Rush

2022/6/1: Sega Master System: Safari Hunt, Lord of the Sword

2022/5/30: Playstation: Goal Storm, Final Round

2022/5/27: Playstation 4: Slay the Spire (Guest Review)

2022/5/24: Nintendo 3DS: Andro Dunos II

2022/5/21: NES: Thunderbirds, Little Mermaid, The

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