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2022/1/18: Colecovision: Centipede, Slither

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2022/1/15: Fairchild Channel F: Video Blackjack, Dodge-It

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2022/1/11: Genesis: Global Gladiators, Garfield: Caught in the Act

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2022/1/8: Super Nintendo: Battle Blaze, Death and Return of Superman, The

I couldn't help but notice the "Copyright Epyx 1989" on Blue Lightning's title screen. Are you telling me the game Atari selected as the pack-in for their bleeding-edge CD add-on was six years old?! I'm not even sure this game is CD...
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2022/1/5: Jaguar: Blue Lightning (CD)

This game is actually a Japanese 3D beat-em-up called Dynamite Deka rebranded as Die Hard for its American release. Terrorists take over an office building but otherwise there's little similarity to the film. The guy on the box cover doesn't even...
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2022/1/2: Saturn: Die Hard Arcade

As a fan of the wintry Cliffhanger action film, I wanted to experience the video game in all its forms - big and small. This one opens with the movie's familiar orchestrated score, and is quite faithful except it sounds likes it's coming out of a...
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2021/12/31: Game Boy: Cliffhanger

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2021/12/28: Playstation 4: Panzer Dragoon Remake, Ground Zero Texas Nuclear Edition

2021/12/26: Playstation 2: Fast and the Furious, The

2021/12/22: Genesis: RoadBlasters, Super Smash TV

2021/12/20: Nintendo 64: Off Road Challenge

2021/12/18: Colecovision: Mean Santa

2021/12/15: Nintendo Switch: Metroid Dread

2021/12/11: Super Nintendo: Super Smash TV, Iron Commando

2021/12/7: Sega CD: Ground Zero Texas, Prize Fighter

2021/12/4: Lynx: RoadBlasters

2021/11/30: Playstation 4: Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice

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