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1/12: Sega Genesis Mini 2 Review

1/10: Winter Game Special Part II

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2023/2/2: Playstation 5: Sonic Frontiers

screen screen

2023/1/30: Evercade: Atari Collection 1, Toaplan Arcade 1

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2023/1/28: Atari 5200: Defender, Gorf

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2023/1/26: Sega CD: Chuck Rock, Chuck Rock II: Son of Chuck

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2023/1/24: Playstation 4: The Witness (Guest Review), Elden Ring (Guest Review)

2023/1/21: Odyssey 2: Alpine Skiing, Amok!

2023/1/18: Atari XEGS: Gorf

2023/1/16: Sega Genesis: Chuck Rock, Chuck Rock II: Son of Chuck

2023/1/11: Commodore 64: Lode Runner

2023/1/8: Sega 32X: Doom, Star Wars Arcade, Virtua Racing Deluxe

2023/1/6: Playstation 5: Sackboy: A Big Adventure, Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart

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