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2018/1/2: Neo Geo: Ironclad (CD), Zed Blade

Games are graded relative to all other games for the same system.

3 Count BoutC
Aero Fighters 2 (CD)A-
Aero Fighters 3 (CD)C-
Alpha Mission IID
Andro DunosB-
Art of FightingC+
Art of Fighting 2B
Baseball Stars ProfessionalB-
Baseball Stars Professional 2A-
Blazing Star (MVS)A
Blue's JourneyD
Burning FightB
Crossed Swords (CD)C+
Double Dragon (CD)C
Eight ManC-
Fatal FuryC
Fatal Fury SpecialB
Football FrenzyD+
Ghost PilotsB+
Ironclad (CD)B
Karnov's RevengeB+
King of Fighters 94A-
King of Fighters 94 (CD)D
King of Fighters 95A
King of Fighters 95 (CD)D-
King of Fighters 96A
King of Fighters 96 (CD)D-
King of Fighters 97A-
King of Fighters 97 (CD)D-
King of Fighters 98A
King of Fighters 98 (CD)D-
King of Fighters 99A
King of Fighters 99 (CD)D-
King of the MonstersD
King of the Monsters 2B-
Last ResortB
League BowlingB+
Magician LordB+
Metal Slug (MVS)A
Metal Slug 2 (CD)A-
Mutation NationC-
NAM 1975A-
Neo DriftOut (CD)B-
Neo Turf MastersC
Nightmare in the Dark (MVS)B+
Ninja CombatF
Ninja Commando (CD)B-
Overtop (MVS)B+
Power Spikes II (CD)F
Prehistoric Isle 2 (MVS)A
Pulstar (CD)A-
Rally Chase (CD) (Japan)B-
Riding HeroD
Robo ArmyB+
Samurai ShodownC
Samurai Shodown 2A-
Samurai Shodown 3B+
Sengoku 2 (CD)B+
Sengoku 3 (MVS)B+
Shock Troopers (MVS)B+
Shock Troopers: 2nd Squad (MVS)D+
Soccer BrawlC-
Stakes WinnerC+
Stakes Winner 2 (MVS)C-
Street Hoop (CD)A
Strikers 1945 Plus (MVS)B+
Super Baseball 2020A-
Super Sidekicks 2B
Super Sidekicks 3: The Next GloryA-
Super Spy, TheC
Thrash RallyB
Top Hunter (CD)C
Top Players GolfF
Treasure of the Caribbean (CD)B-
Voltage Fighter Gowcaizer (CD)D
Windjammers (CD)A
World HeroesC
World Heroes 2B-
World Heroes 2 JetB
World Heroes Perfect (CD)F
Zed BladeC-

Total Neo Geo reviews: 86

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