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2018/6/17: Saturn: Minnesota Fats: Pool Legend, The Lost World: Jurassic Park

Games are graded relative to all other games for the same system.

Area 51A-
Bases Loaded '96: Double HeaderD+
Batman Forever The Arcade GameF
Batsugun (Japan)B+
Battle Arena Toshinden RemixF
Battle Garegga (Japan)A-
Battle MonstersF
Bug Too!D+
Bulk Slash (Japan)B
Burning RangersB-
Chase HQ Plus SCI (Japan)B+
Christmas Nights Into DreamsNA
Clockwork KnightC+
Clockwork Knight 2C
Corpse Killer: Graveyard EditionD+
Cotton 2: Magical Night Dreams (Japan)C
Courier CrisisD
Crime WaveC+
Crypt KillerC-
Cyber SpeedwayD-
Darius GaidenB+
Dark Seed (Japan)C-
Daytona USAC-
Daytona USA Championship Circuit EditionB
Detana Twinbee Yahho Deluxe (Japan)B-
Die Hard ArcadeA-
Dodonpachi (Japan)B-
Donpachi (Japan)B+
Dragon HeartD-
Dungeons and Dragons Collection (Japan)B
Earthworm Jim 2C
Enemy ZeroD-
F1 ChallengeC-
Fighters MegamixB+
Fighting VipersB+
Final Fight Revenge (Japan)C+
Frank Thomas Big Hurt BaseballD+
Galactic AttackC+
Galaxy FightC
Galaxy Force II (Japan)B-
Ghen WarC+
Golden Axe The DuelC-
Grid RunnerC
Guardian HeroesD
Gunbird (Japan)B
Hang On GPF
Heir of ZendorD
Highway 2000B-
Horde, TheD
House of the Dead, TheB
In The HuntB
Incredible Hulk, The Pantheon SagaF
Iron Man/X-O Manowar in Heavy MetalD
Johnny BazookatoneF
Last BronxA-
Last Gladiators Digital PinballD
Madden NFL 97A-
Madden NFL 98C-
Magic CarpetB
Manx TT Super BikeB-
Marvel Super HeroesA
Mass DestructionA
Maximum ForceB-
Metal Black (Japan)C
Minnesota Fats: Pool LegendC
Mr. BonesA-
NBA Live 97F
NFL '97F
NHL 97D-
NHL All-Star HockeyF
Night Warriors - Darkstalker's RevengeA-
Nights Into DreamsA-
PGA Tour 97D
Panzer DragoonB+
Panzer Dragoon II ZweiA
Panzer Dragoon SagaA-
Pebble Beach Golf LinksD+
Primal RageB-
Pro PinballB-
Quarterback AttackD-
Radiant Silvergun (Japan)B+
Revolution XF
Robo PitD
Salamander Deluxe Pack Plus (Japan)B+
Scud The Disposable AssassinF
Sega AgesA-
Sega Rally ChampionshipA+
Sega Touring Car ChampionshipD
Shinobi LegionsA
Skeleton WarriorsB
Slam and JamA-
Solar EclipseD
Sonic 3D BlastC-
Sonic JamA-
Sonic RC+
Soukyugurentai Otokuyo (Japan)A
Space HulkF
Spot Goes To HollywoodD-
Steep Slope SlidersB
Street Fighter AlphaA
Street Fighter Alpha 2A+
Street Fighter The MovieC-
Striker '96C-
Super Dimension Fortress Macross, The (Japan)D-
TNN Motorsports Hardcore 4x4F-
The Lost World: Jurassic ParkD-
Three Dirty DwarvesD
Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3B+
VR Golf 97B+
VR SoccerC
Virtua CopB+
Virtua Cop 2A
Virtua Fighter 2C+
Virtua Fighter KidsC-
Virtua RacingC+
Virtual Open TennisC
Winter HeatA
World Series BaseballB-
World Series Baseball 2B+
World Series Baseball 98A
X-Men Vs. Street Fighter (Japan)A
X-Men: Children of the AtomB-

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