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2020/7/29: Sega CD: Prince of Persia, Wild Woody

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3 Ninjas Kick BackSony1994C+
AH-3 ThunderstrikeJVC1993D
Advanced Dungeons and Dragons: Eye of the BeholderSega1994B
Afterburner IIISega1991F
Android AssaultFun Games1994B
Animals, TheSega1994D
Batman ReturnsSega1992A-
Batman and RobinSega1995D
Battle FrenzyOlder Games2003D
Bill Walsh College FootballElectronic Arts1993B-
Blackhole AssaultBignet1992F
Bram Stoker's DraculaSony1993C
Bug BlastersGood Deal Games2001D-
Burning FistsGood Deal Games2006C-
Chuck Rock II: Son of ChuckCore1993B+
Citizen XGood Deal Games2002C+
Cobra CommandSega1992C
Corpse KillerDigital Pictures1994D-
Crime PatrolAmerican Laser Games1994D
Demolition ManWarner Bros.1995B-
Double SwitchSega1993C-
Dracula UnleashedSega1993D
Dragon's LairReadysoft1993C
ESPN National Hockey NightSony1994C+
ESPN Sunday Night FootballSony1993B-
Ecco The DolphinSega1993B-
Eternal Champions: Challenge From The Dark SideSega1995C+
Final Fight CDCapcom1993A
FlashbackU.S. Gold1994B+
Formula One World Championship: Beyond the LimitSega1994F
Ground Zero TexasSega1993D+
Heart of the AlienInterplay1994F
INXS - Make My VideoSega1992D
Iron HelixSpectrum Holobyte1994F
Jaguar XJ220JVC1993B-
Joe Montana's NFL FootballSega1993F
Jurassic ParkSega1993D
Keio Flying SquadronJVC1994B
Lethal EnforcersKonami1993C
Lethal Enforcers II: GunfightersKonami1994C
Links: The Challenge of GolfVirgin1994F
LoadstarRocket Science Games1994F
Lords of ThunderHudson Soft1995B-
Mansion of Hidden SoulsVic Tokai1994B
MarkoOlder Games2003B-
Marky Mark and the Funky Bunch: Make My VideoSega1992F
Mary Shelley's FrankensteinSony1994F
Masked RiderSega1994B+
Midnight RaidersSega1994C-
Mighty Morphin Power RangersSega1994C
Mortal KombatMidway1992D
NFL Football Trivia ChallengeCapdisc1993D-
NHL '94Electronic Arts1993B+
Night TrapSega1992B+
Panic!Data East1994F-
Pitfall: The Mayan AdventureActivision1994C-
Popful MailSega1994A-
Power Factory Featuring C&C Music FactorySony1992D
Prince of PersiaSega1992D-
Prize FighterSega1993F
Racing AcesSega1993F
Revenge of the NinjaRenovation1994C
Revengers of VengeanceAbsolute Entertainment1994F-
Rise of the DragonDynamix1994C
Road AvengerRenovation1992B+
Road RashElectronic Arts1995B-
Robo AlesteTengen1992B+
Samurai ShodownJVC1993D-
Secret of Monkey Island, TheLucasArts1993C+
Sewer SharkDigital Pictures1992D
Sherlock Holmes: Consulting DetectiveSega1992D-
Sol-FeaceWolf Team1991C-
Sonic CDSega1993B-
Soul StarCore1994C
Spiderman vs. the KingpinSega1993B+
Star StrikeGood Deal Games2001D+
Star Wars ChessLucasArts1994C-
Star Wars: Rebel AssaultLucasArts1993F
Supreme WarriorDigital Pictures1994F
Surgical StrikeTruVideo1995B+
Time GalRenovation1993D
Tomcat AlleySega1994C+
Trivial Pursuit Interactive Multimedia GameParker Bros.1994F
Ultraverse PrimeSony1994C
Who Shot Johnny Rock?American Laser Games1991F
Wild WoodySega1995D-
Willy Beamish, The Adventures ofDynamix1992D
Wonder DogCore1992C

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