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If you're a fan of Final Fight (SNES, 1991) or Streets of Rage (Genesis, 1991), Burning Fight is like a dream come true. During the first five seconds you walk past a street arcade, beat up a clown, and chow down on a corn dog lying right there on...
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2024/1/14 Neo Geo: Burning Fight

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3 Count BoutSNK1993C
Aero Fighters 2 (CD)SNK1994A-
Aero Fighters 3 (CD)SNK1995C-
Alpha Mission IISNK1991D
Andro DunosSNK1992C+
Art of FightingSNK1992C+
Art of Fighting 2SNK1994B
Baseball Stars ProfessionalSNK1990B-
Baseball Stars Professional 2SNK1992A-
Blazing Star (MVS)Yumekobo1998A
Blue's JourneyAlpha1990D
Burning FightSNK1991B
Captain TomadayVisco1999F
Crossed Swords (CD)ADK1991C+
Double Dragon (CD)Technos1995C
Eight ManSNK1991C-
Fatal FurySNK1991D
Fatal Fury 2SNK1992D+
Fatal Fury 3SNK1995B
Fatal Fury SpecialSNK1993C-
Football FrenzySNK1990D+
Ghost PilotsSNK1991B+
Ironclad (CD)Saurus1996B
Karnov's RevengeData East1994B+
King of Fighters 94SNK1994A-
King of Fighters 94 (CD)SNK1994D
King of Fighters 95SNK1995A
King of Fighters 95 (CD)SNK1995D-
King of Fighters 96SNK1996A
King of Fighters 96 (CD)SNK1996D-
King of Fighters 97SNK1997A-
King of Fighters 97 (CD)SNK1997D-
King of Fighters 98SNK1998A
King of Fighters 98 (CD)SNK1998D-
King of Fighters 99SNK1999A
King of Fighters 99 (CD)SNK1999D-
King of the MonstersSNK1991D
King of the Monsters 2SNK1992B-
Last ResortSNK1992B
League BowlingSNK1991B+
Legend of Success JoeSNK1991F
Magician LordAlpha1990B+
Metal Slug (MVS)Nazca Corp1994A
Metal Slug 2 (CD)SNK1998A-
Mutation NationSNK1992C-
NAM 1975SNK1990A-
Neo BombermanHudson Soft1997C
Neo DriftOut (CD)Visco1996B-
Neo Turf MastersNazca1996C
Nightmare in the Dark (MVS)Eleven AM2000A-
Ninja CombatAlpha1990F
Ninja Commando (CD)ADK1992B-
Overtop (MVS)ADK1996B+
Power Spikes II (CD)Video System1994F
Prehistoric Isle 2 (MVS)Yumekobo1999A
Pulstar (CD)Aicom1995A-
Rally Chase (CD) (Japan)Alpha Denshi1991B-
Real Bout 2: The NewcomersSNK1998B
Real Bout: Fatal FurySNK1995A
Real Bout: Fatal Fury SpecialSNK1996B
Riding HeroSNK1990D
Robo ArmySNK1991B+
Samurai ShodownSNK1993B
Samurai Shodown 2SNK1994A-
Samurai Shodown 3SNK1996B+
Samurai Shodown IV: Amakusa's RevengeSNK1996D-
Samurai Shodown VSNK2004D-
Sengoku 2SNK1993B
Sengoku 3 (MVS)Noise Factory2001B+
Shock Troopers (MVS)Saurus1997B+
Shock Troopers: 2nd Squad (MVS)Saurus1998D+
Soccer BrawlSNK1991C-
SpinmasterData East1993A
Stakes WinnerSaurus1996C+
Stakes Winner 2 (MVS)Saurus1996C-
Street Hoop (CD)SNK1994A
Strikers 1945 Plus (MVS)Psikyo1999B+
Super Baseball 2020SNK1991A-
Super SidekicksSNK1992B+
Super Sidekicks 2SNK1994B-
Super Sidekicks 3: The Next GlorySNK1995A-
Super SpySNK1990C
Thrash RallyAlpha Denshi1991B
Top Hunter (CD)SNK1994D
Top Players GolfSNK1990F
Treasure of the Caribbean (CD)NCI-Le Cortext2011B-
Voltage Fighter Gowcaizer (CD)Technos1995D
Windjammers (CD)Data East1994A
World HeroesAlpha Denshi1992C
World Heroes 2ADK1993B-
World Heroes 2 JetADK1994B
World Heroes Perfect (CD)ADK1995F
Zed BladeNMK1994C-

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