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2023/5/4 Playstation: Dare Devil Derby 3D, Starwinder

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007: Tomorrow Never DiesElectronic Arts1999D+
1Xtreme989 Studios1998B+
Ace Combat 2Namco1996B
Activision Classics For the Atari 2600Activision1998D
Air CombatNamco1995D
Alien TrilogyAcclaim1996B-
Arcade Party PakMidway1999B-
Arcade's Greatest Hits: Atari Collection 1Midway1996A-
Arcade's Greatest Hits: Midway Collection 2Midway1997B+
Arcade's Greatest Hits: The Atari Collection 2Midway1998B
Arcade's Greatest Hits: WilliamsWilliams1996A
Area 51Midway1995B
Army Men 3D3DO1997C
Army Men Air Attack3DO1999C-
Assault: RetributionMidway1998D
Atari Anniversary Edition ReduxInfogrames2001A
Austin Powers PinballGlobal Star Software2002D+
Backstreet BilliardsAscii1998C
Ballblazer ChampionsLucasArts1997F
Batman Gotham City RacerUbisoft2001D
Batman and RobinAcclaim1998D
Battle Arena ToshindenTakara1995C+
Battle Arena Toshinden 2Takara1996D-
Battle Arena Toshinden 3Takara1997F
Blast ChamberActivision1996D-
Blaster Master: Blasting AgainSunsoft2000F
Blood Omen: Legacy of Kain (Guest Review)Crystal Dynamics1996D
Bloody RoarSony1998C+
Bloody Roar 2Sony1999B
Bottom of the 9thKonami1996C+
Bottom of the 9th '99Konami1998C-
Brain Dead 13Readysoft1995F-
Bubsy 3DAccolade1996F-
Burning RoadToka1996C+
Burstrick Wake BoardingNatsume2001B+
Bust A Groove9891999A-
Bust A Move 2Acclaim1996B+
Caesar's PalaceInterplay2000C
Cardinal SynSony1998D
Castlevania ChroniclesKonami2001C+
Castlevania: Symphony of the NightKonami1997A-
Classic Games from the IntellivisionActivision1999F
Clock TowerAscii1997B-
Clock Tower 2Agetec1998B-
Colony WarsPsygnosis1997D+
Contra: Legacy of WarKonami1996D+
Cool BoardersSony1997C-
Cool Boarders 2Sony1998C+
Cool Boarders 39891998A-
Cool Boarders 4Sony2000B
Crash BandicootNaughty Dog1996A
Crash Bandicoot 2: Cortex Strikes BackNaughty Dog1997A-
Crash Bandicoot 3: WarpedNaughty Dog1998A
Crash BashSony2000C+
Crash Team RacingNaughty Dog1999A
Critical DepthSingletrac1997C+
Croc: Legend of the GobbosFox1997C
Crow, City of Angels, TheAcclaim1996D
Crypt KillerKonami1997C-
Dance Dance RevolutionKonami2001B-
Danger GirlTHQ2000C+
Dare Devil Derby 3DMindscape1996F
Darkstalkers 3Capcom1998B+
Dead In The WaterASC1998F
Dead or AliveTecmo1998B+
Deathtrap DungeonEidos1998D+
Destruction DerbyPsygnosis1995C
Destruction Derby 2Psygnosis1996D
Destruction Derby RawPsygnosis2000C+
DiabloElectronic Arts1998B
Die Hard TrilogyFox1996A
Die Hard Trilogy 2Fox1998B+
Dino Crisis 2Capcom2000A-
Disney's HerculesDisney1997A-
Dracula: The Last SanctuaryDreamcatcher2001D-
Dracula: The ResurrectionDreamcatcher2001D+
DriverGT Interactive1999A-
ESPN Extreme GamesSony1995A-
Easter Bunny's Big DayMastiff2003D
Echo NightAgetec1999B-
Elemental GearboltWorking Designs1997A-
Fantastic FourAcclaim1997F-
Fear EffectEidos1999A
Fighting ForceEidos1996C+
Final DoomId Software1996C+
Final Fantasy VII (Guest Review)Sony1997A+
Final Fantasy VIII (Guest Review)Sony1999B+
Final RoundKonami1996D
Fisherman's BaitKonami1999C
Fox HuntCapcom1996F
G. DariusTHQ1998C
Galaga Destination EarthHasbro2001F
Gekioh: Shooting KingNatsume2002C-
Goal StormKonami1995B-
Gran TurismoSony1998A-
Gran Turismo 2Sony1999A
Grand SlamVirgin1997B-
Grand Theft AutoRockstar2001F
Guilty GearAtlus1998B-
Gunfighter: The Legend of Jesse JamesUbi Soft2001C+
Gunners Heaven (Japan)Sony1995B
Harry Potter and the Chamber of SecretsElectronic Arts2002C
Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's StoneElectronic Arts2001C-
Hooters Road TripUbi Soft2001D
Hot Shots GolfSony1998A-
Hot Shots Golf 2Sony2000A-
Incredible CrisisTitus2000F
International Track and FieldKonami1996A-
Invasion From BeyondGT Interactive1998F
Iron & Blood: Warriors of RavenloftAcclaim1996F
Iron Soldier 3Telegames2000C-
Irritating StickJaleco1999F
Jersey DevilSony1998B-
Jet MotoSony1996D-
Jet Moto 2Sony1998F
Jet Moto 3Sony1999D+
Jurassic Park: WarpathElectronic Arts1999D-
KISS PinballTake-Two2000F
Killing ZoneAcclaim1996F
Konami Arcade ClassicsKonami1999A
Krazy IvanPsygnosis1995C
Legend of Dragoon, The (Guest Review)Sony2000D
Lethal Enforcers I & IIKonami1997C
Looney Tunes RacingInfogrames2000B+
Lucky LukeInfogrames1998F
Lunar: Silver Star Story Complete (Guest Review)Working Designs1999A-
MLB 2001989 Studios2000B
MLB 99989 Studios1998B+
MTV Pure RideTHQ2000D
Madden NFL 2000Electronic Arts1999A-
Madden NFL 2001Electronic Arts2000A
Madden NFL 2002Electronic Arts2001B+
Madden NFL 97Electronic Arts1996B+
Madden NFL 98Electronic Arts1997D
Madden NFL 99Electronic Arts1998C-
March Madness 2000Electronic Arts1999B+
March Madness 99Electronic Arts1998F
Maximum ForceMidway1997B
Medal of HonorElectronic Arts1999A
MediEvil IISony2000D
Mega Man 8Capcom1997B+
Metal Gear SolidKonami1998A+
Metal Slug XSNK2001A
Micro Machines V3Midway1997D-
Midnight Run (Japan)Konami1997C+
Missile CommandHasbro1999D
Mortal Kombat 3Midway1995B+
Mortal Kombat 4Midway1997B-
Mortal Kombat Mythologies: Sub-ZeroMidway1997D
Mortal Kombat TrilogyMidway1996A-
Mortal Kombat: Special ForcesMidway1999D-
Moto Racer World TourInfogrames2000C-
Muppet Monster AdventurePsygnosis2000A-
N2O Nitrous OxideFox1998C-
NBA In the ZoneKonami1995B-
NBA Jam T.E.Acclaim1995D
NBA ShootoutSony1996B
NBA Shootout 97Sony1997B+
NBA Shootout 98Sony1998D
NCAA Final Four 2000989 Studios1998C-
NCAA Final Four 99989 Studios1998B
NCAA Football 2000Electronic Arts1999C-
NCAA Football 2001Electronic Arts2000C+
NCAA Football 98Electronic Arts1997A-
NCAA Football 99Electronic Arts1998B
NCAA GameBreaker 2000Sony2000B+
NCAA GamebreakerSony1996B-
NCAA Gamebreaker 98Sony1997D-
NCAA Gamebreaker 99Sony1998F
NFL BlitzMidway1998A
NFL GameDaySony1995A-
NFL GameDay '97Sony1996C
NFL GameDay '98Sony1997C+
NFL GameDay '999891998B+
NFL GameDay 2000989 Studios1999B-
NFL GameDay 2001Sony2000B-
NFL GameDay 2002Sony2001A-
NHL 2000Electronic Arts1999B+
NHL FaceOffSony1995B
Nagano Winter Olympics 98Konami1998C
Namco Museum Vol. 1Namco1995B+
Namco Museum Vol. 2Namco1996B
Namco Museum Vol. 3Namco1996B+
Namco Museum Vol. 4Namco1996C
Namco Museum Vol. 5Namco1997C
Nanotek WarriorVirgin1997D
Need For SpeedElectronic Arts1996B-
Need For Speed 2Electronic Arts1997D
Need For Speed III: Hot PursuitElectronic Arts1998A-
Nightmare CreaturesActivision1997B
No One Can Stop Mr. DominoAcclaim1998C+
OddWorld: Abe's ExoddusOddWorld Inhabitants1998B-
OddWorld: Abe's OddyseeOddWorld Inhabitants1997B-
Off-World Interceptor ExtremeCrystal Dynamics1995D
OneASC Games1997B-
PGA Tour 96Electronic Arts1995A-
Pac-Man WorldNamco1999B+
Pandemonium!Crystal Dynamics1996C+
Parappa the RapperSony1997B+
Pepsiman (Japan)KID Corp1999C
Pitfall 3D: Beyond the JungleActivision1998C+
Point BlankNamco1997B+
Point Blank 2Namco1998B+
Point Blank 3Namco2001B+
Polaris SnoCrossVatical2000C
Power Spike Pro Beach Volleyballinfogrames2000C-
Powerboat RacingVR Sports1998D-
Poy PoyKonami1997A
Primal RageTime Warner1995C+
Pro 18 World Tour GolfPsygnosis1998C-
Pro Pinball: Big Race USAEmpire1998C-
Pro Pinball: Fantastic JourneyEmpire1999C+
Project Horned OwlSony1996B+
Qix NeoMud Duck2003A-
R-Type DeltaAgetec1998B
RC de GoTaito2000C
Racing Lagoon (Japan)Square1999NA
Rage RacerNamco1996A-
Raiden Project, TheSony1995A
Rally CrossSony1996B
Rally Cross 2989 Studios1998B
Ray CrisisSpaz2000C-
Ray StormSpaz1996C+
ReloadedGremlin Interactive1996F
Resident EvilCapcom1996A
Resident Evil 2Capcom1998A
Resident Evil 3: NemesisCapcom1999B+
Resident Evil Director's CutCapcom1997A
Resident Evil SurvivorCapcom2000F
Return FireTime Warner1995C-
Ridge RacerNamco1994B
Ridge Racer RevolutionNamco1995B-
Ridge Racer Type 4Namco1999A
Rival SchoolsCapcom1998B+
Robotron XMidway1996F
Rogue TripSingletrac1998B
Rollcage Stage IIPsygnosis2000B
Rush DownElectronic Arts1998B
Rush HourPsygnosis1996D+
Shooter Space ShotA1 Games2000D-
Silent HillKonami2000A
Silhouette MirageWorking Designs1999D-
Sled StormElectronic Arts1999B+
SnowboardingD3 Publisher2000C
Sol DivideXS Games2002C
Soul BladeNamco1997A
Space InvadersActivision1999D-
Speed PunksSony2000B
Speed RacerJaleco1998D+
Spider-Man 2: Enter ElectroActivision2001F
Spin JamEmpire2000C
Spyro the DragonSony1998B
Star Wars: Dark ForcesLucasArts1995F
Star Wars: Episode One The Phantom MenaceLucasArts1999D+
Star Wars: Jedi Power BattlesLucasArts2000B-
Star Wars: Masters of Teras KasiLucasArts1997F
Star Wars: Rebel Assault IILucasArts1995C-
Steel HarbingerMindscape1996F
Street Fighter AlphaCapcom1995B
Street Fighter Alpha 2Capcom1996A
Street Fighter Alpha 3Capcom1999A
Street Fighter CollectionCapcom1997A
Street Fighter Collection 2Capcom1998A
Street Fighter EX Plus AlphaCapcom1997D+
Strider 2Capcom2000A-
Strikers 1945Agetec2001B+
Super Puzzle Fighter II TurboCapcom1997B
Surf RidersKSS1999C+
Syphon Filter989 Studios1999B+
Tekken 2Namco1996A-
Tekken 3Namco1998A
Tempest X3Interplay1996B-
Ten Pin AlleyASC Games1996C+
Tenchu: Stealth AssassinsActivision1998D-
Tetris PlusJaleco1996D
The Lost World: Jurassic ParkElectronic Arts1997D-
The Lost World: Jurassic Park Special EditionElectronic Arts1998D
The MummyKonami2000D
The Simpsons WrestlingActivision2001F-
Thunder Force V: Perfect SystemTechnosoft1998C-
Tigersharkn-Space Inc1997F
Time CrisisNamco1997B-
Time Crisis Project TitanNamco2001C+
Tobal No.1Squaresoft1996A
Tokyo Highway BattleJaleco1998C
Tomb RaiderEidos1996B
Tomb Raider IIEidos1997C
Tomb Raider IIIEidos1998D
Tomba 2Sony2000C
Tony Hawk's Pro SkaterNeversoft/Activision1999A
Treasures of the DeepNamco1997C
Trick'n SnowboarderCapcom1999D+
Turbo Prop RacingSony1998F
Twisted MetalSingletrac1995B-
Twisted Metal 2Singletrac1996A-
Twisted Metal 3989 Studios1998C
Twisted Metal 4989 Studios1999C-
Twisted Metal Small BrawlSony2001C-
Um Jammer LammySony1999C
VR Golf '97Gremlin1997B
Vandal HeartsKonami1997A+
Vandal Hearts IIKonami1999B
ViewpointElectronic Arts1996D
Vigilante 8Activision1998C-
WWF War ZoneAcclaim1998C
Warcraft IIElectronic Arts1998D-
Wild 9Shiney Entertainment1998D+
Wipeout 3Psygnosis2000B
World's Scariest Police ChasesActivision2001B-
Wreckin' CrewTelestar1998D
X-Games Pro BoarderESPN1998C+
Xevious 3D/G+Namco1997A-
Yu-Gi-Oh! Forbidden MemoriesKonami2002D+

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