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In 1990 Tetris was a runaway hit for Nintendo, so every game company was trying to devise the next addictive puzzler. Drop Off appeared to have a few of the necessary ingredients. If Breakout (Atari 2600, 1977) had a child with Bust A Move 2 (PS1,...
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2022/3/10 Turbografx-16: Drop Off

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Addams Family, The (CD)NEC1991B
Aero BlastersNEC1990B
After Burner II (Japan)Sega1987C-
Air ZonkHudson Soft1992B
Alien CrushNEC1989D
Batman (Japan)Sunsoft1989C+
Battle RoyaleNEC1990F
Blazing LazersNEC1989B+
Bloody WolfNEC1990B+
Bonk III: Bonk's Big AdventureNEC1993B+
Bonk's AdventureNEC1990A-
Bonk's RevengeNEC1991A-
Buster Bros (CD)Hudson1993A-
Camp California (CD)Icom1993D-
Castlevania Dracula X: Rondo of Blood (CD) (Japan)Konami1993A
Chase HQTaito1992B
China WarriorNEC1989B-
Cotton: Fantastic Night Dreams (Japan) (CD)Hudson Soft1993B-
Cyber-CoreIGN Soft1990C+
Darius Plus (Japan)NEC1990D
Darkwing DuckDisney1992F
Davis Cup TennisNEC1991D
Dead MoonNatsume1991B+
Deep BlueNEC1989D-
Devil's CrushNEC1990A-
Double DungeonsNEC1990D
Download (Japan)NEC1990A
Download 2 (Japan) (CD)NEC1991B-
Dragon SpiritNEC1989C
Dragon's CurseHudson Soft1990A
Drop OffData East1990D-
Dungeon Master: Theron's Quest (CD)Victor Entertainment1993C-
Fantasy ZoneNEC1989B
Fighting Street (CD)NEC1989D+
Final Lap TwinNEC1989C-
Final Zone IITelenet1990D+
Forgotten Worlds (CD)NEC1992B
Formation Armed F (Japan)Big Don1990C+
Galaga '90NEC1990A+
Gate of Thunder (CD)Hudson Soft1992A+
Genji Tsushin Agedama (Japan)NEC1991B+
Ghost ManorTurbo Tech1992F
Ghouls 'N GhostsCapcom1990A-
Godzilla (CD)Hudson Soft1993B-
Hit the IceTaito1992D+
It Came From The Desert (CD)NEC1992C+
JJ & JeffHudsoft Soft1990B-
Jack Nicklaus' Turbo GolfAccolade1990F
Jackie Chan's Action Kung FuHudson Soft1992B+
John Madden Duo CD FootballElectronic Arts1993B
Keith Courage in Alpha ZonesNEC1989D-
Last AlertNEC1990D+
Legend of Hero TonmaIrem1993C-
Legendary AxeNEC1989A-
Legendary Axe IINEC1990A-
Lords of Thunder (CD)Hudson Soft1993A
Magical Chase (Japan)Palsoft1991C-
Military MadnessNEC1990A-
Monster Lair (CD)Hudson Soft1989A-
Moto RoaderNEC1989F
Mr. Heli (Japan)Irem1989D
NeutopiaHudson Soft1990B+
New Adventure IslandHudson Soft1992A
Night CreaturesNEC1992D+
Ninja SpiritNEC1990B
Ninja Warriors, The (Japan)Taito1989F
Order of the GriffonTTI1992B-
Outrun (Japan)NEC1990A-
Override (Japan)Data East1990A
Parasol StarsTaito1991B+
Power GolfHudson1989B-
Prince of Persia (CD)Hudson Soft1992C
PsychosisNexat Soft1990D+
RaidenHudson Soft1991A
Riot Zone (CD)Hudson1993D+
Samurai GhostNamco1992C+
Seirei Senshi Spriggan (Japan)Naxat Soft1991B
Side ArmsRadiance1989B+
Silent DebuggersData East1991F
Soldier BladeHudson Soft1992B+
Somer AssaultAtlus1992D
Son Son II (Japan)NEC1989B+
Sonic Spike VolleyballIGS1990F
Space HarrierNEC1989C+
Splash Lake (CD)NEC1992C
Strip Fighter II (Japan)GameExpress1993D-
Super Star SoldierHudson Soft1991B+
Super VolleyballNEC1990C
TV Sports BasketballNEC1990F
TV Sports FootballCinemaware1991D+
TV Sports HockeyNEC1991D-
Takin' It To The HoopNEC1989D+
TerraformingRight Stuff1991C
Tiger RoadVictor1990D
Time CruiseFace1992B
Tricky KickIGS1990C
Valis (CD)Telenet1992B-
Valis II (CD)LaserSoft1990C+
Valis III (CD)Telenet1991D
Valis IV (Japan)Telenet1991B-
Victory RunNEC1989C
World Class BaseballNEC1989D
World Court TennisNEC1991B+
World Sports CompetitionHudson Soft1993D
Yo BroNEC1991F

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