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I'm always up for a good vertical shooter, and Daisenpu appears to have been inspired by 1943 (NES, 1988) and Twin Eagle (NES, 1989). In fact, its English title is Twin Hawk. On the surface this is a generic military shooter. You fly a WWII-era...
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2023/8/27 Turbografx-16: Daisenpu/Twin Hawk (Japan)

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Addams Family, The (CD)NEC1991B
Aero BlastersNEC1990B
After Burner II (Japan)Sega1987C-
Air ZonkHudson Soft1992B
AldynesHudson Soft1991C+
Alien CrushNEC1989D
Batman (Japan)Sunsoft1989C+
Battle RoyaleNEC1990F
Blazing LazersNEC1989B+
Bloody WolfNEC1990B+
Bonk III: Bonk's Big AdventureNEC1993B+
Bonk's AdventureNEC1990A-
Bonk's RevengeNEC1991A-
Buster Bros (CD)Hudson1993A-
Camp California (CD)Icom1993D-
Castlevania Dracula X: Rondo of Blood (CD) (Japan)Konami1993A
Chase HQTaito1992B
China WarriorNEC1989B-
Cotton: Fantastic Night Dreams (Japan) (CD)Hudson Soft1993B-
Cyber-CoreIGN Soft1990C+
Daisenpu/Twin Hawk (Japan)NEC1990B
Darius Plus (Japan)NEC1990D
Darkwing DuckDisney1992F
Davis Cup TennisNEC1991D
Dead MoonNatsume1991B+
Deep BlueNEC1989D-
Devil's CrushNEC1990A-
Double DungeonsNEC1990D
Download (Japan)NEC1990A
Download 2 (Japan) (CD)NEC1991B-
Dragon SpiritNEC1989C
Dragon's CurseHudson Soft1990A
Drop OffData East1990D-
Dungeon Master: Theron's Quest (CD)Victor Entertainment1993C-
Dungeons & Dragons: Order of the GriffonTTI1992B-
Fantasy ZoneNEC1989B
Fighting Street (CD)NEC1989D+
Final Lap TwinNEC1989C-
Final Zone IITelenet1990D+
Forgotten Worlds (CD)NEC1992B
Formation Armed F (Japan)Big Don1990C+
Galaga '90NEC1990A+
Gate of Thunder (CD)Hudson Soft1992A+
Genji Tsushin Agedama (Japan)NEC1991B+
Ghost ManorTurbo Tech1992F
Ghouls 'N GhostsCapcom1990A-
Godzilla (CD)Hudson Soft1993B-
Hit the IceTaito1992D+
It Came From The Desert (CD)NEC1992C+
JJ & JeffHudsoft Soft1990B-
Jack Nicklaus' Turbo GolfAccolade1990F
Jackie Chan's Action Kung FuHudson Soft1992B+
John Madden Duo CD FootballElectronic Arts1993B
Keith Courage in Alpha ZonesNEC1989D-
Last AlertNEC1990D+
Legend of Hero TonmaIrem1993C-
Legendary AxeNEC1989A-
Legendary Axe IINEC1990A-
Lords of Thunder (CD)Hudson Soft1993A
Magical Chase (Japan)Palsoft1991C-
Military MadnessNEC1990A-
Monster Lair (CD)Hudson Soft1989A-
Moto RoaderNEC1989F
Mr. Heli (Japan)Irem1989D
NeutopiaHudson Soft1990B+
New Adventure IslandHudson Soft1992A
Night CreaturesNEC1992D+
Ninja SpiritNEC1990B
Ninja Warriors, The (Japan)Taito1989F
OutRun (Japan)NEC1990A-
Override (Japan)Data East1990A
Parasol StarsTaito1991B+
Power GolfHudson1989B-
Prince of Persia (CD)Hudson Soft1992C
PsychosisNexat Soft1990D+
RaidenHudson Soft1991A
Riot Zone (CD)Hudson1993D+
Samurai GhostNamco1992C+
Seirei Senshi Spriggan (Japan)Naxat Soft1991B
Side ArmsRadiance1989B+
Silent DebuggersData East1991F
Soldier BladeHudson Soft1992B+
Somer AssaultAtlus1992D
Son Son II (Japan)NEC1989B+
Sonic Spike VolleyballIGS1990C-
Space HarrierNEC1989C+
Splash Lake (CD)NEC1992C
Strip Fighter II (Japan)GameExpress1993D-
Super Star SoldierHudson Soft1991B+
Super VolleyballNEC1990C
TV Sports BasketballNEC1990F
TV Sports FootballCinemaware1991D+
TV Sports HockeyNEC1991D-
Takin' It To The HoopNEC1989D+
TerraformingRight Stuff1991C
Tiger RoadVictor1990D
Time CruiseFace1992B
Tricky KickIGS1990C
Valis (CD)Telenet1992B-
Valis II (CD)LaserSoft1990C+
Valis III (CD)Telenet1991D
Valis IV (Japan)Telenet1991B-
Victory RunNEC1989C
World Class BaseballNEC1989D
World Court TennisNEC1991B+
World Sports CompetitionHudson Soft1993D
Yo BroNEC1991F

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