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The original Space War was the very first video game, programmed at MIT back in 1962! It appeared in various forms on most early consoles and by the time it reached the Vectrex the game was already 20 years old! At its core Space Wars is a one-on-one space shooter with complete freedom of...
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2017/3/29: Vectrex: Space Wars

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Games are graded relative to all other games for the same system.
All Good ThingsJohn Dondzila1996B-
Armor AttackGCE1982B
Birds of PreyJohn Dondzila1999C
Clean SweepGCE1982F
Cosmic ChasmGCE1982C
Dark TowerGCE1983D
Fortress of NarzodGCE1983A-
FroggerChris Soloman1998B-
Gravitrex PlusJohn Dondzila2002A-
Heads UpGCE1983F
HexedFury Unlimited2013B+
Hyperchase Auto RaceGCE1982C+
I, CyborgGeorge Pelonis2004D
Mine StormGCE1982A
Nebula CommanderClassic Game Creations2005A-
PatriotsJohn Dondzila1996C+
Polar RescueGCE1983D
Pole PositionGCE1983B-
Protector/Y.A.S.I.Alex Hebert2003A
Rip OffGCE1982C
Rockaroids DeluxeJohn Dondzila1999A
Solar QuestGCE1982B+
Space FrenzyClassic Game Creations2006B
Space WarsGCE1982B+
Spike Hoppin'John Dondzila2000B
Star CastleGCE1982B
Star FireJohn Dondzila1999B
Star HawkGCE1982F
Star TrekGCE1982C+
Tour De FranceClassic Game Creations1983C
VectopiaPackrat Games2015B
Vector VadersJohn Dondzila1996D
Vector Vaders 2: The Director's CutJohn Dondzila1999B
VectrexiansKristof Tuts1999B
War of the RobotsGeorge Pelonis2003D+
War of the Worlds 2011Fury Unlimited2011C-
Web WarsGCE1983B
ZantisGeorge Pelonis2011B-

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